Hello world! My name is Andrew Perucho.

I’m a communications student at the University of Toronto, with general interests in photography, film and graphic design.

My interest (and later love) for street art all started one night when a couple of my close buddies dragged me to see a screening of Banksy’s critically-acclaimed “Exit Through the Gift Shop” in downtown Toronto. As I left the theatre that night, I came out with a genuine interest and enthusiasm for the subculture and ever since then I became one of those street art “hipsters” that would often go to galleries and exhibits to get my latest fix (absolutely no shame here!).

I love the associations that street art has with other subcultures like hip-hop, and the arts – and the way that it can be implemented in many different ways i.e. politically, commercially or socially.

It’s not just nonsensical writing on the wall. Street art can help us look at the world and the lives we live in ways we haven’t considered. Its messages are powerful, and in your face. It can be the voices of a multitude, or the voice of one person and we sure as hell can learn a hell of a whole lot from it.

So when I happened to take up a course on online blogging, I thought street art would be the absolute perfect niche for my blog and magic was electronically made. The “Streeetart” blog was born.

Enjoy the site, folks!


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