3C: I Love Flash Mobs ♥

Street art comes in a lot of forms and variations, even to this day the movement is constantly evolving. Listed below are some (but not all) forms of the diverse genre:

  • Graffiti
  • Sticker Art
  • Poster Art
  • Stencil Art
  • Installations
  • Video Projection

But what you might not know is that the list also includes forms that aren’t instantly recognized as street art. The ‘flash mob’ is categorized under street art but not many people know this (shocker!). Read on to learn more about one of the most popular forms of street art that is sure to get your heart racing and your face grinning with excitement!


  • What Exactly is a Flash Mob?

The term ‘flash mob’ might already be familiar to some of you internet wizards. Chances are you’ve probably come across a flash mob video on YouTube, or happened to stumble on one while perusing Facebook when in actuality you were supposed to be busy writing your overdue history paper on “Napoleon and Europe in the 17th Century”.

What exactly is a flash mob?  It’s a spontaneous gathering arranged by a massive group of people in a public space either to perform a dance number or some kind of stunt (pillow fights included). They attract a lot of attention mainly from passerbys and they turn out to be huge public spectacles. People use flash mobs to spread happiness, spread awareness, or to become YouTube stars (with some videos reaching close to 25 million hits).

One of the reasons I love about flash mobs is that they are incredible in delivering instant happiness, wonderment and awe to their audience. Imagine just walking in the city minding your own business when suddenly you’re thrust into this huge public spectacle with people dancing in synchronization; people gather in hordes to observe and take in the event. You hastily run away from the dancers and join the outside circle that’s enclosing the mob. You ask one of the observers in the crowd as to what exactly is happening, and she too is mystified but she can’t seem to look away. You both as well as hundreds of others enjoy the spectacle and start clapping your hands in rhythm. Then in a flash, the dancing ends and the mob disperses as if nothing happened. You say goodbye to the girl, she thanks you for your company and you both go your separate ways. Flash mobs (for a short time period) are able to bring total strangers closer together. It’s just absolutely great in my opinion.


Check out the videos below for flash mobs I’ve carefully hand picked from my favourites pile. 

Flash Mob #1: Frozen Grand Central

This was the very first flash mob I ever saw and I was floored! I remember my Dad had found it and managed to shoot me an email urging me to check it out. Apparently one of his buddies was actually inside Grand Central Station while this took place (or so he says, my dad likes to exaggerate things). We can see from the video just how spontaneous flash mobs are in their approach, the participants were literally given directions just hours before the actual event was to occur!


Flash Mob #2: Commissioned Flash Mob by Target 

With their rising popularity, companies have started to fund their own flash mobs in order to promote their brands and products virally as seen in the video above. Commissioned by Target, a group of dancers spontaneously burst into dance in a local Target to promote the album release of pop superstar Beyonce Knowles “4” album. Overcome with such joy after stumbling upon the video, Beyonce went on to acknowledge the amazing efforts of all the dancers and people involved with the stunt.


Flash Mob #3: Michael Jackson Tribute Flash Mob

On the news of the King of Pop’s death, thousands of fans from Stockholm, Sweden gathered to perform an incredible dancing tribute to celebrate Michael Jackson’s life and honor his legacy. Around the world, hordes of MJ fans celebrated in the same fashion holding their own flash mobs in their own cities (San Francisco, Toronto, New York)  creating a global spectacle around the world that would make even the late great pop icon proud.


How do flash mobs make you feel? Do you have a favourite flash mob? Share yours by posting a link below on the comments section, I’d love to check it out!


4 thoughts on “3C: I Love Flash Mobs ♥

  1. Thanks for the comment Rodrigo! Funny you mention that since I’ve actually linked to that video in my main paragraph under ‘people use flash mobs to…’ . It’s definitely one of my favorites as well and always brings a smile to my face.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Flash mobs confuse/make me happy

    Confuse because I’m all “where the hello did all these people come from?!”
    Happy because so many people are doing something together

    Someday, I will be part of one, it’ll be on my list of life goals.

  3. Hey Matt, thats a great way to put it. Though, I’ve always wondered how these things usually start up. Perhaps through Craigslist/Facebook/Twitter.. I’m curious as to finding out just how stressful/hectic planning a flash mob can get.

    Thanks for the comment!

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