Artist Feature: Edgar Mueller (Anamorphic Pavement Art)

You’ve probably seen his works before but one thing’s for sure, Edgar Mueller’s street art never fails to impress every time. Instead of traditional graffiti pieces, Mueller’s art shifts from building walls into pavement roads where he applies a great deal of perspective into his surreal paintings – giving the effect of a realistic 3D scene when viewed at a specific angle.

Hit the jump for more info and images of Mueller’s works.

Mueller’s works have even caught the attention of companies and some have even commissioned him to create paintings for marketing purposes (Dreamworks, Jack Daniels etc). Mueller’s pieces are essentially a great hit to pedestrians as some of them require a certain level of participation as seen below, gathering large crowds and attention.

Fun Fact:
Mueller holds the Guiness World Records for both Largest pavement art, and largest anamorphic pavement art.

To see how these works of art are done, check out this video documenting anamorphic pavement artist Julian Beever as he creates one of his pieces from literally the ground up:

What do you think of this type of street art? For more works like this, check out similar artists: Julian BeeverKurt Wenner


2 thoughts on “Artist Feature: Edgar Mueller (Anamorphic Pavement Art)

  1. This guy is a genius with perspective. It’s funny though, because once you stand at a different point to look at the art, it looks totally different.

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